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WilliamHill Football Betting

There is no online bookmaker that beats WilliamHill when it comes to offering football betting services.

The online bookmaker offers its customers fair football odds and markets for competitions from all over the world including the MLS, German Bundesliga, the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A, the Spanish La Liga in addition to competitions such as the FA Cup and the Champions League.

Through WilliamHill Football betting, you will have an opportunity of placing your football bets right before or during the game through the Pre-match and in-play betting services.


WilliamHill Football Betting


In this article, we are going to focus majorly on the WilliamHill Slots and how you can play and place bets on the site.


WilliamHill football coupon



Handicapping Betting


This is one of the football markets that’s found on the WilliamHill football betting.


WilliamHill football betting


It usually affects how the odds are presented at the site, and it’s vital that you gain a solid understanding of how it works before you can start using it. Depending on the sport that you are betting on, handicap betting is also known as Asian handicap, points betting, the spread or line betting.

WilliamHill handicap betting refers to the process whereby William hill casino turns the football match odds into an even-money contest by giving a virtual disadvantage or advantage to either team in order to event the result.

In the football match, the even-money contest will be created by awarding points to the side that is deemed as the underdogs. For example, if Arsenal Fc is the favorites to beat Leicester, WilliamHill might give Leicester a 2-0 advantage.

As a player, if you place a handicap on Arsenal to win and the beat Leicester by a goal, i.e., 1-0, you will lose the bet due to the handicap that you had applied. Consequently, in the eyes of WilliamHill Football betting, Arsenal lost the match 2-1.

Always remember that in handicap betting, the handicap is only applicable to the section that you are placing your bet on.



Likewise, if you place a handicap bet on France vs. Romania, and WilliamHill football betting had set the handicap bet at 3-0, you will still win the bet even if Romania wins the match 0-2, as in the eyes of WilliamHill casino, France will have won the match 3-2.


WilliamHill Football Coupon:Over/Under Goals


This is probably the second most popular football coupon at William hill online casino. In this market, all you will have to decide is whether a football match will have a given number of goals or less. This sounds straight forward, but it isn’t.


  • Under/Over 2 goals – In this, all the bets that you place will be in favor that the match ends with less than two goals(under 2 goals), or more than 2 goals(over 2 goals). If there is only one goal scored in the match, the under bet is a winner. If exactly two goals are scored in the match, the bet becomes void, irrespective of the bet that you placed. If three or more goals are scored, the over bets win the match.

  • Under/Over 2.25 match goals – This type of bet has two types of bet in it. One of the bets is the 2 goals under/over, and the other is the 2.5 goals under/over. The total amount that you stake on the bet is divided between these two bets. If one goal is scored in the match, the under wins. If two goals are scored, players who placed the over 2.25 match goals lose 50% of their original stake and are refunded 50%. This also applies for the under 2.25 match goals bet. If there are three or more goals scored in the match, the over 2.25 goals bets win.

  • Under/Over 2.5 match goals – this is a straightforward bet. If there are more than 2 goals scored in the match, the over 2.5 match goals bet wins.



WilliamHill football coupon over and under


One or two goals will win the under 2.5 match goals bet.


What is In-Play Football Betting?


You might have heard people or commentators talking of the in-play, in-running or the live betting before and you have no clue what it deals with. Well, you need not worry anymore as we have all the details that you need to know about WilliamHill football in-play betting.



In-play football betting is a betting option that takes place when the match has already begun.

Through in-play betting, you receive so many advantages including giving you an opportunity of analyzing the market that you want to place your bet on as well as giving you an opportunity of trading your position. If you happen to get it right, you will have a green book.

For instance, if your initial bet was Arsenal to beat Manchester United and Arsenal go a goal up, you can decide to lay off the bet at a shorter price, just to be certain. In WilliamHill football betting, all the in-play games will be in the in-play page.


WilliamHill football


However, it’s important to remember that not all the markets available in the pre-match are available in the in-play events. In fact, almost 50% of the options available during the pre-match betting are usually not available during the in a play session.


The Both Teams to Score WilliamHill Football Coupon


This is yet another straightforward WilliamHill football coupon. The odds in this coupon will range from 1/2 up to 6/4 depending on the football match. You won’t make huge sums of money from small stakes on the BTTS market, but when you get it right, it can surely be a neat little moneymaker.

In the BTTS market, you will be speculating that both teams in the match will score a goal. It's this simple. If both teams score a goal or more, you win the bet.

If only one team scores the goals, you lose the bet. There are other BTTS markets that are compounded with the original market of the BTTS.


  • For example, in a match between Arsenal and Barcelona, the likelihood of both teams to score is high. The chances of Barcelona winning the match are higher than those of Arsenal. Therefore, there could be alternative bets of the BTTS such as BTTS and Barcelona to win the match or BTTS and over 2.5 goals.



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