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The Best 10 Online Football Betting Sites

When it comes to sports, there is hardly any doubt certain sporting activities always are on top of the list. Football is one such game which has a huge following, and it arguably could be the most popular sport in the world.

Hence, it has millions of people following the sport. While most do it for fun or for the sake of supporting their favorite team, there are others who do it for winning some money through football  betting.

Sports betting in general and online football betting is a huge business running perhaps into billion dollars. There are many online bookies who are offering football betting services. We will have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.




There is no doubt that Coral is a big name in sports betting and they have a huge facility when it comes to football betting. They cover almost football tournaments and matches being held across the world. As far as UK and Europe are concerned, they are considered to be one of the most dependable and reputed.


Online Football Betting


They offer the best of odds, live streaming facilities, mobile betting, and also some of the best analysis of teams and players. They also have one of the best signup bonuses which make them even more popular. Hence, when choosing the best online football betting service provider, the name of Coral will always come to the fore.




They are also considered by many to be one of the best when it comes to football betting services. They are quite old and therefore have a proven track record and enjoy a great amount of goodwill amongst customers. They are known for offering the best of odds apart from offering some of the best signup bonuses and other such things.



They also have a unique money back offer should a match end in a 0-0 draw. They also additionally famous for offering live streaming facilities of major football events across the globe and of course in the UK and European countries.




Formerly known as Victor Chandler, today BetVictor is a big name to reckon with in sports betting. They offer quality betting services covering all sports including football.

Hence, thousands of better and punters considered them to be one of the best online football betting sites. They have earned name and fame for their best average odds, and this has happened continuously for the last two sessions.


Best Online Football Betting


They also offer a signup bonus of £25 which is considered to be a big hit amongst many customers. They also are known to offer the best of tips and analysis on various football matches which make them even more dependable.




Known for their best signup bonuses and the best of odds, there are reasons to believe that Sky Bet is a big name when it comes to football betting. They cover a wide variety of games across the spectrum of football, and they cover most of the markets where the game is popular and where some of the major tournaments are held.



They are one of the few who is known to offer no deposit free bonuses, and this certainly is something which sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. They are also known for their capability of crowd promotion. They have daily promotions and free bets starting from £4 and the same could go up to £25 per which certainly is a big attraction for many.




Though they may not be in the top league as far as football betting is concerned, they do offer quality football betting services to their customers.

This includes £200 signup bonus, and they also have been operating for several years. They also have a number of reload bonuses and also offer the best of information on various types of football matches across the globe.




If you are looking for one of the best online football betting sites, you have many reasons to have a closer look at Come On. Though they are a relatively new entrant, they have licenses both in UK and Malta.

They offer some of the best loyalty points for various sporting activities and are aggressively present as far as football betting is concerned.




Ladbrokes is a name which needs no introduction, and they have over the years become a reputed online football betting service provider. Though they are a leading and highly reputed service provider they are not exactly the best as far as football betting is concerned.



However, they do cover almost all major football tournaments across the country, Europe, and the world. They are famous for the best possible payment settlement systems which set them apart from many other bookers in the country.




This is another well-known bookmaker as far the United Kingdom and surrounding countries is concerned. They are licensed in the UK and amongst other things they are famous for offering some of the best odds for many games and of course football. Hence, they certainly are a name to reckon with as far as football betting is concerned.




For those who are keen on getting attractive signup bonuses and also the best possible betting options as far as football is concerned, choosing Betfred would certainly be a good option.


Best Online Football Betting Sites


They are often considered as the best place to be in for promotions and exciting offers even for beginners. At the same time, they are also decently present when it comes to football betting and cover almost all major markets across the world.




They are known for being the first bookie to open betting exchange for the first time. They have popularized betting against other punters instead of betting against the bookie, and this certainly is a revolutionary step.

Additionally, they also have a strong presence as far as football betting is concerned, and this has helped them to build a large customer base. They also have some attractive free bets offer too.


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