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William Hill: Football Coupon Rules

At William Hill, you can place your bet on just about any event happening at the various football matches. The number of bookings, goals, offside traps, corner kicks, among other options that you can think of.

All these options are placed under the William Hill Football Coupons and have enabled millions of players from across the world to make huge sums of money betting online.


William Hill: Football Coupon Rules


Most of us are fully aware of how William Hill Football Coupon rules, but I also receive plenty of emails asking me to elaborate more on what draw no bet means, how the Asian handicaps work and the importance of cashing out.

Well, it’s for this reason that I have taken my time to write this article, focusing on most of the questions regarding the William Hill Football coupons rules. The article will greatly benefit novice punters!


Match Odds Coupon


Most of the punters online choose this straightforward market. With the match odds coupon, you simply get to choose a home win, a draw or an away win. When choosing this coupon online, you will click on “1” to indicate a home win, click on “2” to indicate a draw and click on “3” to indicate an away win.


William Hill football coupon match ods



Goals Coupon


This is the second most popular coupon online and understanding the William Hill football coupon rules regarding the same is very important. Under this category, there is the under/over option where you get to choose the number of goals that will be scored by a given team or the total number of goals that will be scored in the match.


  • For example, in the England vs. Iceland Match, you can decide to place your bet on the total number of goals in the match to exceed 2 goals.Therefore, you will click on the match and under the events section, click on the over 1.5 goals tab.At the end of the match, if more than 2 or more goals are scored, you win the bet. However, if only one single goal is scored, the bet is lost.



William Hill football coupon


There are other additional options at the site under the goals section. Over 2.5 goals mean 3 or more goals have to be scored to win the bet while over 3.5 goals mean four or more goals have to be scored to win the bet.

Additionally, you can also place a bet on team goals. In our earlier example, if Iceland is going to score two goals in the match, you can bet on over 1.5 team goals in favor of Iceland. Usually, the odds in this option are higher and lucrative as compared to the match goals.


Draw No Bet Coupon


Understanding the William Hill Football Coupon rules is important. The draw no bet says exactly what it says. When you go for the draw no bet option, you shall be backing the team and eliminating the risk of a draw.

Therefore, if the match ends as a draw, you will receive a refund of your full stake. This market is usually used on teams that have a tendency of recording draws, and they are leading. If Iceland is leading in the England match, a draw no bet would be a better option as the odds will be high as compared to a win for England.


William Hill football coupon draw


The draw no bet pays out if the team goes ahead and records a victory in the match.


The Asian Handicap Coupon


It is the William Hill Football Coupon market that causes a lot of confusion, not only to the professional players but also the novice players.



The coupon got the Asian Handicap name because most people in the far east prefer to bet on it. The simplest type of the Asian handicap works in a similar manner to the draw no bet. Both teams will have a +0-value next to them, and in the event of a draw, the bet will be void.

The other type of Asian handicap is the -1 and +1. You may decide to back a strong favorite with a -1 and an outsider with a +1. When you back the favorite with a -1, you shall simply be meaning that they win the match by more than a goal.

If they end up winning with exactly one goal, you shall be refunded your full stake. If the team’s winning margin is 2+ goals, then you win your bet!

A slightly more complex Asian Handicap is backing a particular team to win -1.5 or +1.5. You should think of this bet in the lines of under/over 2.5 match goals. If the team you’ve placed your bet on wins by 2+ goals, then, you win your bet. If they only win by a single goal, then you lose the bet.


Correct Score Coupon


Just as the name suggests, the correct score market allows you to place a bet based on the correct score prediction of the match.


  • In our example, if you fancy a 1-2 result for England vs. Iceland, with the score favoring Iceland, you can place the bet on the correct score market.



William Hill football coupon rules



To Win to Nil Coupon


This is a variation on the correct score market, and it is only available to a few bookmakers. Basically, you shall be backing your preferred team to win by any score to nil.

The “to win to nil” market is best used when you want to support a team that has a solid defense, or a team which does not score many goals and is plagued with injuries. In the Euro competition, Italy is a good choice for this bet, having only conceded only one goal as they head into the last 16 qualification group.


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