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Premier League Relegation Odds

The current season is coming to an end with Aston Villa already regulated with a total of only 17 points cumulatively. Also, the Premier League odds got interesting after Newcastle were beaten by the Canaries 3-2, giving them hope of survival.

The game between these two teams struggling to avoid relegation was settled in injury time when Martin Olsson’s goal saw Norwich take a huge step towards safety.

At Premier League relegation odds of 13/8 to be relegated, Norwich is only four points away from the drop zone, though their immediate competitors, Sunderland FC and Newcastle FC all have a game in hand.

Sunderland on the other hand only managed to secure a 0-0 draw at home against West Bromwich and consequently saw their Premier League relegation odds stay up to cut down to 2/7.

Before the start of the next season, premier league relegation odds for Aston Villa to be relegated were 9/2, those of Norwich were 11/10.

Sunderland were 5/2 while those of Newcastle were 6/1. Out of the mentioned teams, Aston Villa, who have already been relegated, have only managed to secure three wins at Norwich, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.

They have also conceded a total of 76 goals and only managed to score 27 goals. In simple words, they have been pants the whole season!


Which Was Teams Axed off the English Premier League in the Current Season?


QPR, Burnley, and Hull City were the three teams that were dropped off the Premier League at the end of the current season. Unlike Aston Villa, QPR, who finished at the bottom of the table, managed to secure 30 points and eight victories. Burnley followed closely with 33 points and Hull City.

They were only three points behind the relegated Aston Villa and the notorious Sunderland FC and had a better goal difference that either of the sides.


Premier League Relegation Odds


Prior to the 2014/2015 season, premier league relegation odds to stay up favored Burnley to be relegated at 8/13, QPR at 2/1 and the outsiders, Hull City at 7/2. With the season coming to an end, all attention is now turned to the 2015/2016 relegation battle between the three sides; Newcastle United, Norwich City, and Sunderland.

It will be amazing if this battle can continue to the final day of the competition just like it has always been in the past where teams in the EPL have had to play the final matches to determine who stays up and who wins the English Premier League title.


How Have the Newly Promoted Sides Played in the Current Season?


The newly promoted sides have always featured heavily in the battle for survival, but in the past few seasons, they have always been fairing on so well. In the last season, West Ham and Southampton survived the axe with ease, and the season before that, all the three teams, for the first time in ten years survived the axe.



The last season, however, only saw Crystal Palace and Hull City survive with Tony Pulis and Steve Bruce doing exemplary jobs on a limited budget. However, in the current season, only Leicester survived the axe with QPR and Burnley going straight back to the championship.

In the next season, things have been tough for Norwich, Watford, and Bournemouth. Per history and probability, one of the three teams had to go back to the Championship although the three teams have never gone straight back to the Championship since the 1997/1998 season.

With Watford and Bournemouth having acquired the magic number of points required to breathe a sigh of relief in the EPL, Norwich seemed to be doomed, and their win over Newcastle FC only gave them a slight chance of survival.



However, they have been playing extremely well, and only luck may not have been on their side. Watford and Bournemouth have been struggling with wins, especially the Hornets. With the coming season, only time will tell us if both the teams will get to grips with the EPL, though I have my server doubts.


Premier League Relegation Odds Checker


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Premier League Relegation Odds 2016


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