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Football 365 (Predictions)

Football 365 is a site operated by 365 media group which is an owned subsidiary of BSkyB from the Leeds office. It covers premier league primarily as well as other European leagues. The website has a humorous approach of dealing with football news which includes running jokes about certain individuals associated with the sport.

It has very comprehensive sports coverage in addition to statistics and commentaries which are very important to football fans. There are also football365 predictions that offer analysis and likely results of various Bet365 games. It was created in 1997 by David Tabizel who was an internet pioneer and a staunch fan of Arsenal football club.

He teamed up with Danny Kelly, a journalist, Dan Thompson, the founder of the computer game company Renegade Software, Simon Morris who was an ex footballer and former Marketing Director of BSkyB and Andy Gray who is a TV presenter and a writer of a regular column. Tabizel once stated he named the site after a common phrase used by his mother Sandy.


About Football 365 Predictions


Football 365 is very passionate about the game. It provides players with the ability to play throughout the year, as the name suggests, football three hundred and sixty-five days of the year. The website provides betting tips with analysis for popular leagues and tournaments from all corners of the world.

It incorporates people from many countries across the globe such as Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Brazil and many others. It has a fan base of over a thousand customers who love and appreciate the tips and offers.

The betting site puts jokes aside and focuses on the business aspect of football betting. You will find all you need from football; no league has been discriminated.

The premier league is currently the most popular league in football. It has fans from the whole world, miles away from England which is where it is center staged. It is a very brutal league and brings together the larger percentage of the world’s best players.

Premier league players dominate the World Cup and this shows their prowess in the game.  The league was initiated in 1992 and generates over 1.6 billion Euros annually. It is broadcasted in 212 countries and could be attracting over 4.7 billion viewers and this is surely the most watched event in the world.

The site football 365 focuses on this league due to this popularity. The football365 predictions strive to provide correct possibilities that have a high success rate and are quite trusted by gamblers worldwide.

The league is featured by many bookmakers in the world. It is a fundamental part of any online casino and no bookmaker would strive without this league. Football 365 definitely recognizes this and maximizes its popularity by offering many betting options on the league.

They offer live betting that enable you to bet as the game is being played and gives you Welcome Bonuses given when you sign up. The site offers live coverage and analysis of the games to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


Types of Bets on Football 365


There are different types of bets offered by the site to ensure that you are satisfied. All types of gamblers are catered for, the amateurs and the professionals can excel in individual matches and multiple matches and winning is very easy. They seem simple but the actual game is more complicated than it sounds.


Single Bet


This is the basic type of bets that anyone can win. You do not need any experience to excel in these bets. It often involves certain teams to win. They are often placed during derbies where the games are competitive and the odds high for both teams.

The bet is simple to understand but the returns are less since the odds cannot be high. This is usually placed for an individual’s favorite team. The professionals and amateurs both love this game. However, the real businessmen do not play this for business but for pleasure.




This is a bet with multiple teams. It requires the football odds calculator to get the returns from the games. It involves more than two teams from whichever league and the odds accumulate to higher levels.

The odds tend to be much better because a good number of games are included and the payout is quite big. They are expressed as folds according to the number of bets. These bets are the source of living of professional gamblers. 

The football odds calculator is very critical because they help you to consider the best way to use your money to make the biggest profits. This is sometimes referred to as the accumulator bets. The multi bets need a lot of caution for you to win.


Tips for Winning on Football 365


Football can be very tricky to bet in hence requires a lot of patience and care to win. Sports betting have slowly become quite difficult to predict since the weak teams are now stronger. Premier league for instance showcases this as depicted by the major upsets experienced on various games.

Actually the team at the top of the league was never thought to be a strong contender of the league. There are some tips on how to gamble on football. First you should avoid being greedy while exploring the multi-bet option. One or two teams will always favor the casino and make you lose the cash.

In addition, you need to research about the teams, the key players and the comments made by various relevant people such as the team managers, the pundits and other experts regardless of how successful the team has been. Various circumstances can lead to surprise losses.

Lastly, you should cautious of the home team. The home teams can win surprisingly so you have to be careful as you bet. The football365 predictions can guide you on the winning bets so you should always consult it for better chances of winning.

Football 365 is a popular site that is geared towards making you rich. Access the site today and enjoy football gambling like never before.


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