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Betting on sports and other important events has been prevalent for decades, and there are many who believe that it has been prevalent for centuries. Though, there could be divided opinions regarding the morality and even legality of such betting on sports and also other gambling activities, it is a business which continues to flourish.

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Each year it is possible that there could be gambling worth billions of dollars happening. Sports betting could also be worth a few billions of dollars, and it keeps growing at a reasonably brisk pace.

There are hardly any sporting events which are not inside the gambit of gambling. However, there are a few sports events which are most popular, and football is one such game.


The Growth of Online Gaming


It would be pertinent to mention that online gambling is extremely popular in certain games and football is one such game. There are millions of fans who are ready to gamble their money on their favorite team.

On the other hand, there are many who only watch the games from a distance and support their favorite team. Gambling and betting on football are prevalent both brick and mortar and online platform.


Something about William Hill


Amongst the many companies, it would be pertinent to mention, that Rainbow Riches at William Hill is one of the most popular and highly reputed with a nice reputation and goodwill.


William Hill Football Odds


Hence, it would be worthwhile to have a closer look at the various William Hill football odds. They cover almost all football games across the world covering the biggest club, team, national and international tournaments.

Hence, it is quite normal to see millions flocking to this site to have a closer look at the odds which are offered by William Hill. For many, it is a bible, and they bet and punt based on the odds which are available with this online gaming service provider.


What Makes Them So Special?


One of the biggest reasons why William Hill is so very popular is because they do a lot of research as far as football odds are concerned. They cover almost all the major football tournaments across the world. Therefore, they are often referred to as the one stop solution as far as football gambling, and betting is concerned.

Champions League Betting

Whether it is the World Cup, The Southern American Nation and Football Tournaments, The English Premier Leagues, The European Football League or other such matches, William Hill is considered by many to be the one stop solution.

This is because of their excellent reputation and their ability to set odds based on past performance, customers perceptions, review from experts and critics, players, managers and coaches who are behind the team, track record at home and outside and various other such important parameters.

We will now have a look at a few such matches for matches over the next few days and the odds which they offer.


Aston Villa vs. Leeds


Aston Villa has an important match coming up against Leeds, and therefore it is something which certainly is bound to generate a lot of interest. As per the latest table standings, Aston Villa is in 10th position compared to Leeds United who is far ahead in 5th position.


William Hill Football Odds Calculator


From 23 matches, Aston Villa has only 8 wins compared to 13 wins from the same number of matches for Leeds. Hence, there is nothing to be surprised about the fact that the odds for a win at home for Leeds are quite favorable at 11/10.

There is little chance of even a draw because William Hill is ready to give them an odd of 23/10 for a draw. For a win for Aston Villas, the odds are heavily stacked in favor of Leeds at 14/5.


Chelsea vs. Stoke


This match is scheduled for 31st December, and it could be a New Year gift or dampener for both the teams. As far as the Premier League standings are concerned Chelsea are on the top with 15 wins out of 18 matches.

Compared to this Stoke City are lagging behind at 13th position with a win of 5 out of 18 matches. Therefore it is quite obvious that Chelsea is favored to win and they have an odd of 2/7 for a win, 9/2 for a draw and 11/1 for a defeat against Stoke.

Hence, for many, it is all but over bar the shouting as Chelsea start favorites. However, football is an unpredictable game, and things could turn unexpected on any given day.


Liverpool vs. Manchester City


Then we have a highly expected match between Liverpool and Manchester City. This certainly is going to be a cracker of a game as both the teams are evenly balanced.

Liverpool is 2nd in the table standings with Manchester City being positioned in the third. Both have won 12 matches out of 18, and therefore there is nothing much to choose between the two.


William Hill Football Betting Odds


Liverpool has an odd of 11/8 as far as a win is concerned. When it comes to drawing the odds are 13/5 and win for Manchester City has an odd of 15/4. Hence, Liverpool because of their current standings has a better chance of winning but who knows. Things might change drastically on the day of the match.


Leicester vs. Western Hampshire


Leicester is in 16th position of the table compared to the 11th position of Western Hampshire. Hence there is hardly any doubt that Western Hampshire starts as firm favorites and this well reflected in the odds.

It is 11/10 for a win for Wes Ham, 12/5 for a draw and 13/5 for a loss to Leicester. Hence it would take much more than shouting and scream for Leicester to fight Wes Ham and it is quite possible that Wes Ham may romp through with a handsome win on the last day of 2016.

It would be certainly a great gift for them for their wants who would like to herald 2017 on a positive note. The above are just a few such results, and with the help of a suitable William Hill football calculator, it would be better to have a clearer picture of the odds.


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