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Successful betting doesn’t mean that you should risk the right amount on the right team at the right time. It sometimes means eliminating the chances of mistakes one-by-one, so, that you achieve your desired state-of-success in betting eventually.

For a soccer fan, a football bet predictor is an important tool that channelizes your resources to the ideal direction. Most of the bettors start off with a modest bankroll, and if you don’t have a source of unlimited fund, you should also be careful with your budget.

Squandering away money on bad bets reduces your scope to return to the betting arena next time. So, a bunch of well-researched and proven suggestions shall do you well, to raise awareness. Whether you are a first-time gambler or someone with a small betting portfolio willing to expand it, the following tips will enlighten your further


Football Bet Predictor


Both the spirit of the team and the overall fitness level of players play a huge role in terms of its winning. If you are new to Football Betting Offers, then you can feel a little bit of smug thinking, that you won’t be like others who put their pennies on lost causes.

But once you start getting the flow of the game you shall realize the ‘pull’ of star team and its performers. Many bettors lose their heads over these two factors and overlook injuries of an important player, reassuring themselves that he will rise above this one-off incident in the next match.


Football Bet Predictor


A quality football bet predictor site like Odds Stake or Vitbit comes to your rescue here. It also provides you with other games’ betting options like basketball, baseball, or hockey.

You will find plenty of resources like FAQ index, hot tips of the day, live score and much more from it. Also, a bet predicting site will teach a valuable lesson don’t wager on a team that depends solely on offense, to win.

No doubt, the offense strategy works in favor when the team is increasing its score, but it doesn’t speak highly of sportsman’s spirit. Apart from form and determination, a defense mechanism is another area to check out for- before you start betting on your chosen team.


Remember ‘Value for Money’ in Time


You don’t need to be a compulsive obsessive bettor. Don’t take the much-abused route of betting every day, every weekend, and on every league. Given you have a limited bankroll; it’s more vital to stick to quality over quantity mantra.

If you check the history of biggest betting loss of past, say, 5 years you will get to see that majority of them stemmed from gamblers, who were just losing their senses over the game of football. And they wagered left, right, and center without giving a second thought on ‘good’ bets and ‘bad’ bets.



One may ask that how to decide on ‘value for money’ bets? Well, you should consider multiple factors and do a proper research on them.

Which team has the ‘home advantage’ during the match? Is the team going under a major change in the line-up including the replacement of coach/manager? Statistics play a major part in bringing out the secret to success.

Whether you have a victory chance of 50% or 5/1 odds – apply the law of probability when calculating your betting odds. The answer of your calculation is called ‘fair value’, that dictates your percentage of success.


Believe in Bookmakers but Not Insider’s Tips


A quality bookmaker is much instrumental in your win. Most importantly, make sure that your selected online bookie has the feature of live-streaming on its site.


Bet Football Predictor


This is a huge advantage when you are watching the game live and calculating your odds. Sportingbet, Bet365, and William Hill are few names in the online bookmaking industry that are forced to reckon with.

Not only you can expect a plethora of competitive bonus deals and prizes from them, but also you will get a chance to network with other bettors in live chat rooms. This can present a wonderful opportunity to spot hot tips from seasoned gamblers.

This point brings the mention of one of the biggest spoil-sports for many first-time bettors, and that is insider’s gossip. If you stay a considerable period in online football betting industry – you will stumble upon fishy sites claiming to offer you the sure-shot formula for success in exchange for hefty sums.



These are pure traps to dupe you out of your money. Not only sites, but you will also find piles of magazines claiming to be experts on football betting. It’s always advisable to form your own assumption after reading, watching and hearing pieces of information.


Be Knowledgeable About the Game


The first stepping stone towards a fruitful online betting career is to gather as much knowledge as possible about your favorite game. Get yourself acquainted with what the media is covering the sport.

Create a specific time schedule for watching matches and hearing what the commentators have to say. Once that’s done, sit down and write down the SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) analysis of every team. Subscribing to sports magazines will also do.


Football Predictor Tips


Statistics plays an eminent part in money bets. So, teach yourself how to use MS Excel or Google Docs as spreadsheets, if you don’t know it already. Keeping a betting record for personal usage is another intelligent move that many seasoned bettors follow. This shows your pattern of betting.

Are away teams go for getting your goats all the time? Did tipping 80% for last few times paid off? Gooners Guide and Intelligent Betting Tips are two sites with tons of information regarding managing your gambling register.

A winning gambler’s journey is made of discipline and study. If you wish to be one, work hard and be focused on trying out different bets, going through the demo games, and exchanging idea with fellow gamblers from various corners of the globe. Don’t miss to insert a ‘fun’ element while doing these, though.


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