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Football Championship: Betting Odds

Football is the most popular sport worldwide having a diehard fan following in every nook and corner of the globe. It's hard to find a spot on the map where this sport is not appreciated and accepted.

Because of this worldwide popularity, there are a lot of football clubs and Championships that has come into existence like FIFA World Cup, UFEA Europe Championship, and Euro Cup to name a few.

With the rising popularity of the game, Championship betting odds on it has also become one of the very common phenomenon across the globe with much of the trading carried out illegally in the markets in Asia where a huge amount of money is wagered on this game in various types of betting.

And this industry has grown manifold over the years because of its adoption of the modern technologies and has become much easier and flawless by its extension to the online portals and made it reach newer horizons and avenues.


Championship betting


So, a punter sitting in New Jersey can bet on a match going on in Sydney with a bookmaker based in Rio, to that extent, this market has globalized.


Football Championship: Betting Odds


For all the top fixtures in the football calendar worldwide, some of the best online betting portals in the UK offers more than 200 bets. While betting in Asian countries is prohibited to a limited extent, the array of options in the European nations much more than the traditional and customary choice of betting, i.e. win, lose or draw.

The choices are endless in a match for instance, in a match or a Championship betting, a punter can bet on the first goalscorer, the correct score, the half-time score, number of goals, whether there will be a sending-off, a hat-trick, or the number of corners and many more match features.


Championship betting odds


The list does not end here; some bookies also offer to wage money on time specific odds also, for example, whether there might be a goal, card, corner, penalty, foul or sending-off in the first five or ten minutes of the match.

The phenomenon of Football Championship betting is not at all new; it found it roots almost ninety years back from now. It all started with the idea of conducting contests in a match by various firms and football associations.

Within months, hundreds of thousands of fans started filling in weekly coupons, attempting to foresee football matches and results in the hope of winning cash prizes, worldwide.

And with the advent of the internet and mobile devices with instant access to the Championship betting odds, the market has grown rapidly as it made the betting generally much more accessible, with a lot of Championship betting odds promotion they provide.



Also, with this, the concept of 'in-running' betting has got popularity, where punters and the layman became able to stake money on the action as it happens, for example, who will score the next goal and with odds fluctuating on the pattern of the game.

Online Championship betting had mushroomed when it first became significant and widespread before the 1998 FIFA World Cup and Euro 2000.


Types of Championship Betting and the Odds


As I mentioned already, there are many kinds of betting in various aspects of this spectacular and dynamic sport, here I am going to provide you with a brief idea of its major types.


football Championship betting odds


All leading online portals of Championship betting structure their football bets in a similar fashion.

In the pursuit of making it easier a hassle free for the customers to channel their bets, the list of every game of football's betting options begins with all those markets, which the punters find most attractive and tempting. The following is a list of most popular football bets. Check it out.


1X2 Betting


Without any second thought, this is the most common and easiest to understand the form of Championship betting. to get a good and handsome payout, one has to predict the games full-time result correctly.

This requires a good and vivid understanding of the game and all its aspects like the teams, the players and the venue it is played on. If you are a master of all this, you can make a fortune out of this kind of betting.


Double Chance


It is mostly like the 1X2 betting where you can choose from an option of three selections, but the outcome probability here is way much bigger than the 1X2 betting.

The only disappointing thing here is the lower ratio of the odds, and this is due to the various outcomes that are generally grouped in couples. So, if you are aiming to earn a big payout from a bet, then this is obviously not the way to go.


Draw No Bet


This is a special form of waging or staking money in a bet where the option of 'Draw' is eliminated from the available list of options. Here, if the match results in a draw and without a winner, then the money you staked in the match will be returned.


Correct Score


In this kind of betting in Championships, you are to correctly predict the no of goals or the correct score of the match, and if you can do that, you can possibly make a lot of money out of it.


Championship betting odds correct score


This kind of betting demands a deep understanding of all the factors on which the match depends upon. The odds remain mostly high for this type of betting, and it requires some real professional gamblers to do it.


Both Teams to Score


Both Teams to Score (BTTS) is another type of interesting way to wager money in this dynamic game which is used as a base for many other and various Championship betting promotions. There are two options to choose from in this kind of betting and those will be just 'YES' or 'NO.'

If you predict an 'NO' which means you are saying that both the teams playing the mate match are not going to score and one of the teams is going to remain with the zero score.

If no team scores and the match ends in a tie between the teams, the also you win the bet and can walk out with huge payout as odds in this kind of betting is quite high.


Betting on Goals


Goals are the most interesting part of this kind of sports, and it can make the players, as well as the peoples associated with the match such as the coaches, assistants and most importantly the fans, jump around with joy and the betting has not left this aspect of the match alone.

Goals bring excitement to the game and in betting it's an equally good way of making a lot of bucks. Following is a list of ways to bet on a goal.


Goal Scorer


A lot of punters put their stakes on the goal scores in a match.


Championship betting odds goal scorer


The way it works is that you have to correctly foresee the goal scorer of the match, i.e. the player who will score a goal and if that turns out to be right, then you are the winner.


Team to Score First, Second or Last


In this kind of betting in goals, you should correctly predict the team which will score the first goal or the second goal or the last goal.

The odds are generally very high in this type of betting and promises you a huge payout if you come out victorious. I hope the article has blessed you with a fair knowledge of Championship betting and the Championship betting odds.

There are ample online portals out there like Betfair, Skybet, etc. which offers different Championship betting promotions for its new users like they pay you a bonus of 30 pounds if you register on their website and deposit 10 pounds for your first bet.

The football betting Championship odds fluctuates more often with the different market demands and rates. So, make sure you check those football betting Championship odds in advance before you stake your money in any bet.


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