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English Premier League Odds

The Barclays Premier league is undoubtedly one of the most popular leagues in the world. It has a fan base that extends far and wide, miles away from where it is actually played.

This is one of the most brutal leagues in the world and brings together a majority of the world’s best players from all continents. It is true to say that premier league players dominate the World Cup. The English Premier League was started in 1992 and currently generates over 1.6 billion Euros annually in international and domestic TV rights.

It is broadcasted in 212 countries with a potential audience of over 4.7 billion people and this is surely the most watched event in the world’s history.


English Premier League Odds


Manchester United enjoys the most glory when it comes to premier league. It has taken the trophy 1 times all under the legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson.  The cup has been won by only five teams; Chelsea which has won it for times, Arsenal three times, Manchester City and Blackburn twice.

This trophy is a coveted price and the fight displayed by the players in trying to win the league is unimaginable. Three valuable points are awarded for a win, a single point for a draw and nothing for a loss.

The last 3 clubs on the log face relegation and the first 3 proceed to the main draw of the Champions League whereas the fourth goes into a playoff match against European league teams and the winner earns a ticket to the Champions League.

The premier league odds are really difficult to develop. The favorites for the league in the beginning were Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City. The contenders for the European league qualification were Liverpool, Totenham, Southampton, West Ham and Stoke City.

These predictions did not feature Leicester City anywhere and is currently at the top of the table with very few games left. The premier league odds 2016 have earned gamblers big prizes owing to these surprise entries into the top 4.

The premier league has been described as cruel and brutal therefore such surprises are bound to occur in such a league.

The league is featured by most of the top bookmakers in the betting industry. Actually if one does not offer premier league then it is headed for closure. They offer live betting opportunities that allow you to bet as the game is played an excellent Welcome Bonuses given when you register to help kick start your gambling career.

The sites offer live coverage, research and analysis of the games to entice customers. The premier league odds are selected considering customer satisfaction and business prospects therefore are very carefully developed by the bookmakers.


How to Bet on English Premier League?


The wide availability of the premier league markets makes it very easy to bet on. There are simple steps required for you to start betting on premier league. You need to identify a suitable bookmaker and sign up to create your account. You then deposit money and you are ready to play.

There is always the single-bet option and the multi bet option. The single bet is less risky but the odds are less so you will have to stake more money to win a reasonable amount of cash. The multi bet option allows you to select a number of teams up to a certain maximum number and stake an amount.

The odds accumulate leading to big prizes even when the stake is low. This is very risky since if one game does not fall in place, then the entire bet is ruined.

Players are always advised not to be greedy; stake more for few teams and increase your chances of winning. The premier league is full of surprises; the best teams can be beaten by the smallest therefore you need to take care.

The premier league is the league to follow is you are looking for betting options. There are various betting options available from the start of the season to the very end.

The traditional offers such as head to head, halftime-fulltime, goal totals and handicaps have been complemented by several other options which make betting even more intriguing. There is the first goal scorer option, the correct score and a certain player to score. You can ask the casinos and check the offers that are provided for you.


Tips on Winning Premier League Bets


The premier league is a tough league that requires you to exercise a lot of patience and care when making predictions. Sports events have gradually become quite difficult to predict since the so called under dogs are working harder.

Premier league is among the most competitive league and can cause major upsets. There are some tips on how to gamble successfully in premier league.

First, you should avoid betting on several teams on one multi-bet. One or two will disappoint you in this brutal league.

Secondly, you need to carry out a proper background check of the teams, the key players and the comments made by the coaches, the pundits and other betting experts regardless of how successful the team has been.

Various circumstances like injuries and fatigue of players can lead to surprise losses. The premier league odds 2016 will not reflect such circumstances therefore it is up to you to look them up.

There are teams that are either fighting to win the league, to be in the top four so as to play Champions league football, to play in the European league or to avoid relegation so it is important to consider the drive behind a certain team compared to the opponents and make an informed choice.

Lastly, you should be wary of the home team. The home teams can win regardless of their position in the table so be careful as you bet against a home team.

The Barclays Premier league is the most popular league in the world and attracts worldwide fans. Betting on this league can be easy yet difficult therefore you need to be very cautious.


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