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English Premier League Betting Tips

Founded in 1992, the English Premier League has grown to become the undisputed football league in the world of football, generating revenue surpassing £1.6 billion every year both in international and domestic television rights.

The English Premier League is broadcasted in more than 200 different countries around the world with a potential audience of more than 4 billion people, making is the most watched and followed league worldwide.

Since its inception in 1992, the premier league cup has only been lifted by five different clubs; Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers.

Of the five clubs, Manchester United has lifted the trophy on 13 different occasions under Sir Alex Ferguson, Chelsea has won the trophy on four different occasions under different managers, Arsenal has won the cup on three different occasions with Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers having won the cup twice and once respectively.

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The season saw plenty of profit and premier league betting tips shared online amongst a hotly contended season.

Thousands of premier league betting tips were written by different websites on which team was going to win the league, which team was going to get relegated as well as which team was going to qualify for the Champions League or Europa league.

From the previous seasons, it is clear that there were the obvious contenders of the mentioned bets but for the next season, there has been lots of twists and turns. The top four spots of the premier league table have two newcomers, with the remaining two spots being contended by the usual “members” of the top four.

Premier League Betting

Therefore, if you wish to make a bet on some of the teams, our advice to you is to read up on our detailed tips for the season and find out which team stands to be relegated, which team stands to qualify for Champions/Europa league and which team is bound to register a spot for the Europa/Champions league playoff spot.


English Premier League Betting Tips


At the start of the season, the clear favorites to win the premier league were Manchester City and the defending champions Chelsea Fc. However, as the season progressed, things have taken another twist with Leicester FC and Tottenham Fc being the two main contenders for the title.

The top four position, however, seems to be given that Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc, Tottenham Fc and Leicester Fc will secure the spots. These are the teams that will qualify for the champions league competition next season with the fourth placed team qualifying for the draw before eventually qualifying for the group stages.

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Another four spots below the Champions League qualification down to the middle of the table you may expect to see teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool Fc, West ham United and Southampton.

Current defending champions Chelsea Fc, having had a poor start to the campaign seem to fall under the second half of the table with other teams such as Everton, Bournemouth, Swansea, and West Brom.

English Premier League Betting

At the other end of the table, the last quarter of the table, teams are battling it out to remain in the English Premier League in a bid to benefit from the new television rights set to be launched at the start of the season.

However, Aston Villa, who’ve only won three out of their 33 games this season, been automatically relegated to the championship. Newcastle Fc, Sunderland Fc, and Norwich Fc are all set to battle it out towards the end of the campaign to survive.


General English Premier League Betting Tips


If you are after placing a bet on a Premier League team, you will find numerous betting options right before the games start.

Not only will you be able to choose from the traditional forms of betting such as handicaps, halftime-fulltime and total goals options, but you will also be able to choose from exotic betting options such as the next goal scorer, correct score, time of the first goal, total number of goals, just to name a few.




You will find this standard betting option across all betting platforms. #1 signifies the home team, the X for a draw and #2 for an away win.


Asian Handicaps


For a novice in the betting, this English Premier League Betting option may seem to be daunting.

English Premier League Betting Tips

There are various betting options under the Asian handicaps including the number of corners, the number of goals and the number of lines.


Under/Over Betting


Did you know that you can bet as many goals as you want on a single match in the English Premier league? If you are a goal fanatic, then the under/over goal system will do for you.

Premier League Betting Tips


  • For example, if Arsenal is playing Manchester United and you think that both teams will score a goal, why not bet over 1.5 match goals? This way, if more than a single goal is scored in the match, you win your bet.


Additionally, there is the goal line, usually associated with Asian Handicaps. For example, if you place an Asian goal line of over 1, 1.5 on the Arsenal vs. Manchester United game, then there are three possible outcomes of the game.

If only a single goal is scored in the match, then the online bookmaker refunds you half your bet. If you say placed a $10 bet, you get refunded $5. If more than a single goal is scored, then you win the bet.


English Premier League Betting Stats


Below are some interesting English Premier League Betting facts that you need to know about English clubs over the past five years.

  • Home teams have a winning percentage of 47%, the away teams having a winning percentage of 26.8% and the games ending in a draw 26.2%

  • Both teams have scored goals 51% of the time with the home teams being held goalless 22.2% of the time and 34.8% for the away teams.

  • Whenever the home team leads by halftime, they ended up winning 81.3% of the time, while when the away team led by half time, they ended up winning the match 68.5%.



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