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League 2: Betting Odds

Football is one of the most popular games in England and other provinces of the United Kingdom. In England where cricket is a highly popular game, football also continues to attract millions of fans.

It has some of the best names, and traditionally England has done well at the international level. There are many clubs, and League 2 is also one such club. Being a popular sport there is no doubt that it also has quite a bit of betting involved.


Some Basic Information about League 2


While the objective of this article is to have a look the various aspects about League title odds, we will find out more about League 2 briefly. This is the fourth tier of English football. It is one of the most popular and competitive leagues in England. That is the reason when it comes to betting it is one of the most difficult.


League 2 Odds


There are 24 teams in this league. On any given day, the top teams can win against one another and therefore predicting the winner could be a problem. Hence, when it comes to predicting the winners or even predicting the outcome of a match, there are quite a few things which must be kept in mind.


Expert Odds and Tips Could Be Difficult to Come By


Given the above points and being tough to predict, it might not be easy to come across reliable betting tips. There are, however, quite a few expert tipsters who could provide predictions as far as the odds are concerned.

They could help in accurately predicting the odds for individual games as well as the overall winners and runners-up of League Two.



They could help in predicting reasonably accurately regarding individual matches and regarding the overall winners and runners-up. The best thing is that you will be able to get all the information free of cost and yet reap the benefits of the same.

However, you have to be sure that the information regarding League 2 odds may not be accurate to the extent which you might have deserved.


They Can Help Identify Useful Value Bets


Though predicting the exact results is quite difficult when you are regularly in touch with these tips, you can get useful information regarding some excellent value bets. This is another fantastic area where the tipsters could help the punters and gamblers.

They could help about the winner of League two, apart from helping with betting on individual games, total goals scored over and under, half-time results, full-time results, goals saved, shot taken at goals, possession of the football, several fouls for and against, and much more.


A Look at the Teams


Though there are twenty-four teams, there are a few teams which hold the attention of customers, players, and other stakeholders. It would be pertinent to mention that as far as the next season is concerned, Northampton Town Football Club won the championship and hence they were promoted to the next higher league.


League 2 Odds Outright Betting


Coming to the top teams this season, a few names come to the mind. They are Plymouth Argyle who is leading the table. There are a few others, who are close to them, and they include teams like Carlisle United, Doncaster Rovers, Portsmouth, and Luton Town.

Hence, when we talk about odds, it would be better to look at the odds of a few of these teams because of some obvious reasons.


Plymouth Argyle


Though Plymouth is heading the table right now when it comes to odds as of now they have odds of 10/3. In other words, you have 27% chances of getting your bets right. This is quite surprising given the fact that they are a powerful team.

But the league is still wide open, and there are reasons to believe that other terms could also get closer to Plymouth Argyle. This is perhaps the reason why many believe that Plymouth has only 27% chance of winning to title.


Doncaster Rovers


This is another talented and popular team. Hence even though they are lagging in the league table when compared to Plymouth Argyle, the odd of their winning the title is 21/10. In other words, they have 48% chance of winning the title when it reaches the logical conclusion.


League 2 Odds Sportsbet


This certainly is not good news for punters who wish to make money betting on Doncaster. They will be able to make only small money because the odds in their favor are much favorable when compared to many other teams.


Carlisle United


Per thousands of supporters of Carlisle United they could be considered as the dark horse, and therefore it may not be surprising if they can upset the applecart for many top-ranking tanks who are doing well as of now.

Hence, it is expected that the odds for this team will not be as bright as other lowly placed teams. This is borne out of the fact that the latest odds for Carlisle stand at 11/4.

In other words, the team has a 36% chance of winning the tournament, and hence if you bet on this team, you will be richer by 36%. This certainly is good money. But with several matches still left to be played, it could still be some way to go before the dream of this team is realized.



Though, they have a healthy 42 points again the leaders who are at 44 points, they have some tough matches still left to be played. When it comes to other positions apart from winners and runners-up, there are a few teams which are still in the reckoning.

They include team likes Luton Town, Wycombe and Cambridge United who stand some chance to be in the top seven or eight teams.

Hence, they have reasonably healthy odds in their favor and punters could bet on them, not for the top two slots but perhaps anything beyond the third position. If one looks up the internet, they also will be able to get more useful tips on the above subject matter.


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