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Football is an awesome sport and the fact that we can bet on it and earn money makes it even better. A single bet needs some cash and some reality blindness to bet but the real money is not won in the one-off bet but in the combination wagers or rather the multi-bets.

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It is difficult to keep track of the wagers and the football odds, hence, showing the need for the football odds calculator which is a perfect tool for any regular gamblers.

Most gamblers love to gamble on their favorite teams. This is true regardless of the form of the team. Arsenal fans will always place a win for the team even when it faces off with the biggest teams in the world and this is no surprise.


About Football Odds Calculators


The gambling for profits is a totally different affair. This is business! The personal feeling become irrelevant and winning becomes the biggest priority. The football odds calculator can help you instill discipline into your system by forcing you to bet based on hard and cold statistics.



The calculator does not choose the winners or losers for you but they process information and provide an overview of the odds for a certain combination in addition to the best proportion of the stake to place.

It focuses on numbers instead of identity and this help the gambler to emphasize on the most suitable winning strategy that will produce a win instead of team allegiance.

You may despise a team with a passion but the odds might be winning you some fantastic prizes, and this is surely business not pleasure, only the information and the money matters.


Different Types of Odd Calculators


The football odds are calculated by a number of calculators each with a unique purpose. It does not matter if you are attempting to make a decision on how to apportion the money for each bet or how to hedge your bets, the calculator will simplify this multiple confusing numbers.


Odd Conversion


One of the most annoying things is the difference in the way odds are quoted in different countries. The bookies quote them as a fraction while others may do this as a decimal. You need to figure out the total odds on a multi-bet and this will require conversion into the same format.



The tool is sometimes not regarded as an important tool but it definitely is especially when dealing with large combinations. The problem seems solvable by using a single bookie to place your bets and this is usually the case but deciding on the teams to put will need the calculator.


Kelly Calculator


Beginners tend to stake the same amount on all matches. This is not the correct approach. It is essential to consider that some wagers are more likely to win than others in order to make maximum profits. The experienced gamblers are quite aware of this.

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There is a method of making this determination and the Kelly calculator is the tool of choice. It was named after John Kelly who was a scientist will Bell Labs. It provides the optimum money breakdown for a series of bets.

You key in the odds of the bets you want to make and the money you are willing to stake. It will then give you the best amounts for each wager. It is vital when placing complex bets of over 10 games.


Dutching Calculator


This one provides a different approach from the Kelly. The latter maximizes profits over a number of bets by giving high stakes to the most possible bets.



The ditching on the other hand provides you with the amount to stake on each of the possibilities so as to realize a certain profit.


Back/ Lay Calculator


This is also referred to as the ARB calculator that takes advantage of the fluctuations in the odds as the game approaches. It helps to hedge bets therefore reducing the chances of losing. You place a back wager on a game. When the odds change you place a bet on the other one or rather lay your bet.

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One of the bets will surely win and the other will be lost so you either lose or gain a small amount. The calculator provides the optimum back and lay amounts to ensure no losses. This type of bets can be very confusing so it is important to carry out a test run on paper before going into it.


Types of Bets


There are a variety of bets that you can place to win big money depending on the amount of money you want to stake. Even the amateurs can excel in individual matches but the road to big wins needs the combinations. They begin very simply but become more complex as you play along.


Single Bet


This is the most basic of all. You often place a bet for a certain team to win. They are often placed during derbies where the fans of the rival clubs back their clubs.

The bet is simple to understand but the returns are little because the football odds are less.


Football Odds Calculator - Accumulator


This is a bet with multiple wagers. This one requires the football odds calculator accumulator to get the returns from the games. It normally incorporates more than three games. The odds tend to be longer because a number of games are included and the payout quite big.

They are expressed as folds depending on the number of games included. Accumulator bets are the source of living of professional gamblers.

The football odds calculator accumulator is therefore very critical because they enable you to consider the best way to use your money to make the best returns. This is sometimes referred to as the multi bet since it involves as a number of bets.

Football is one of the best markets to bet in. The understanding of the game across the world makes is easy to predict and win. However, this is not as easy as it may sound. The football odds calculators are very essential to any successful gambler.


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