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Free Football Betting Systems that Work

Football betting systems is an alternative phrase for football betting strategies. Football betting strategies are not to be confused with football betting tips.

While tips serve as general pieces of advice that help bettors achieve a better insight into the world of football betting, football betting systems act as specific guidelines that can be used by bettors to vastly improve their betting skills and accuracy.

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The problem that bettors face with football betting systems is that no one seems eager to hand them out for free. It is quite difficult to stumble upon high quality sources of information which offer free football betting systems.

The ones that are available usually provide football betting systems that are not very helpful or useful. You can try incorporating these football betting systems during your betting rounds, but most of them will eventually prove to be ineffective.


Free Football Betting Systems that Work


The reason why football betting systems that actually work are so elusive is because these football strategies can be seen as secrets to unlocking success in football betting. If one particular strategy is working for a bettor, he or she will be quite reluctant to reveal his or her secret recipe to success.

Football Betting Systems that Work

Does that mean that there are no reliable football betting systems available? Thankfully, the answer is no. In the list below, you will find free tried and tested football betting systems that you can rely on without having to pay any money.


1) Back & Lay


The Back & Lay strategy can be considered most common football betting system in the world, and its effectiveness cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. Back & Lay football systems bring some much needed variety in the world of football betting.

Back bets are more common than lay bets. In back bets, you bet on a particular outcome of a game or an event. Contrary to that, lay bets are used to bet against a specific result.

One of the reasons why this strategy or system is so popular is the fact, that it allows bettors to deal and sell their own bets on renowned bookmakers such as LeoVegas or Grosvenor.


2) Double Chance


Double Chance is one among the many online betting systems that you can truly depend on without being worried about failure. In fact, this betting system is suited for those who are not too keen on taking too much risk. If you are a risk-averse bettor, you should definitely try out Double Chance.

With this strategy, you can bet on two different outcomes on a game. As a result, your chances of securing success increase by a full 33%, which in the world of football betting, is an incredibly high percentage.


3) Halftime/Fulltime Bets


Halftime/Fulltime bets are an important part of any list of free football betting systems. If you are the kind of person who like to go for bets that offer high rewards at the cost of high risk, then this strategy will surely pique your interest.

As the name suggests, you get to bet on both the half time score of a football match as well as the full time score. If you have money to lose, you are recommended to try this strategy out.


4) Handicap Bets


Some people are deterred to bet by the very mention of Handicap Bets. However, if you are confident about a favourite team winning, this strategy is one that you should definitely make use of.

The concept of this free football betting system revolves around betting on a team that starts with a backlog or a handicap as it is known in the world of football betting. This handicap is supposed to be equalized during the course of the game. The handicap odds tend to be much higher than that of a regular win pulled off by that team.

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As you can clearly see, this is an exceptional strategy of football betting. If you are not too confident about the team you are betting on, you might want to ignore this football betting system.

However, if you truly believe that your team has what it takes to overcome the odds (literally) and manage a win, then you are advised to use this system by all means.


5) Head-to-Head Bets


The name of this football betting system pretty much gives away what it has to offer to you as a bettor. By using this strategy, you can bet on the competition between two individuals in a football match.

For example, you can place a bet on Wayne Rooney to score more goals than Diego Costa on a particular match day or in a particular fixture between their respective clubs, Manchester United and Chelsea.

This strategy makes for some intriguing betting and offers generous payouts. There is nothing quite like backing your favourite player to outshine his rival in a match.


6) Hedging


Hedging is a form of football betting system that draws comparisons to the stock exchange. That sounds quite weird does it not? Well, this is how it works. In Hedging, you can “hedge” your bets against possible losses by either buying or selling other bets.

If you are looking for a bookmaker that supports bettors who are involved in Hedging, then you are advised to try out Betfair. They offer quite an impressive range of possibilities to hedge your bets.


7) Last-Minute-Goal


This is a relatively new football betting system that has been picking up popularity and momentum in the last few years. Currently, it is one of the most attractive strategies to use in football betting. If you are watching a football game and if a live bet is available, you are strongly recommended to use a Last-Minute-Goal strategy.

Why is this? This is because a longer a game drags on, the lower are the odds of a goal being scored. In other words, if you bet on the outcome that no goals will be scored, the odds will be stacked in your favour. This is one football betting system where luck is a very huge factor, and where player forms and statistics do not usually play a big role.


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